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Editor, Demo Man, Theories, Reader, Gamer. Words used to descibe me. Always looking for a good story. Love of everything that goes boom. Just don't ask me to sing.

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    Halo. Do you know why we never gave up?


    he·ro [ˈhirō]
    a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities:
    "a war hero"

    Who is your Hero?

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    Shattered Skies 'verse confirmed

    I was able to convince Arctikfox to allow me to write about a Spirit that will be in story. Akia will appear somewhere in the next few chapters.

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    I have been planning on making a Generator Rex crossover for a while now. What do you guys think? Should I do one?

    After using the master nanite, Rex, Six, and Holiday are transported to Post apotoliptic Equestria as ponies.With his unique abilities, can the three ex-humans survive the wasteland? This is a Generator Rex/Fallout Equestria crossover.

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    New story idea

    Please tell me what you think about this story description. I'm also looking for a few Editors.

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New story idea · 2:28am Nov 27th, 2015

Please tell me what you think about this story description. I'm also looking for a few Editors.

Two hundred thousand years ago, a race known as the Shifters lived in harmony with the creatures of Equis. Far more advanced in both Magic and Technology, they were once Peacekeepers. Then one day, they became Enslavers. Shakira is one of the last, (yet most powerful), Shifter hybrid. Born in and raised by war, she is the perfect soldier. But She helped the races rebel against their slavers. The First of Harmony Squad, she is the greatest leader their race knew. With her power over technology, Magic and reality, She is the creator of all forms of harmony, thus Lady Harmony she became. Now 1 of 12, she disappeared and was never seen again. But who were they?
When an evil far older than the pony race awakens, Equestria is vulnerable. Drex is that evil. Equestria's only hope is the story behind the Legend of a team of solders who faced down Evil's might and brought peace. The catch? That team disappeared. Now 200,000 years later, they have returned. How will The Mane Six survive, how will Equestria as a whole survive when an evil older than Celestia and Luna awakens to destroy the planet and all life with it? Their only hope: find Harmony Squad and awaken them once more and rise against Drex, the Lord of all Evil. Will the Mane Six be able to awaken the Team older than Celestia and Luna in time or will Drex destroy harmony forever? And will they be able to handle a secret as old as Equestria itself? One even their rulers don't know?

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