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I am the guardian of dreams, the shepherd of the moon and the pony of the night

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  • 144 weeks
    CH Chapter 4

    I am still working on the fourth chapter of Crystal Heart. I am sorry that it takes this long, but I really don't want to put out something that is only half of what it could be.
    I have written a good 5,000 words of it so far, but then ran into a roadblock. I think I need to revisit a few scenes, and change things here and there - or otherwise I won't be able to continue.

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  • 188 weeks

    The following is a bit spoilery, as it contains the rough outline I have in mind for "Crystal Heart".
    Please do not read if you want to be spoilered, or unless I haven't posted anything within a year.

    Crystal Heart looks a bit more into the past of Equestria. It is inspired by many works, but ignores some of the comic-lore.

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  • 189 weeks
    Still alive

    I am still alive and working slowly on getting the second chapter of Crystal Heart finished for publication.
    Things have been a lot slower than before, and due to circumstances, I have not been able to complete my goal of getting a good chunk of chapters written during the NaNoWriMo.

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  • 195 weeks
    CH Chapter 3

    Well, I used the NaNoWriMo to write chapter 3. It clocks in at roughly 7,000 words. I will try to continue throughout november writing, though everything I write now will need some even more serious editing.
    I fear the story will be much more complex than it's predecessor.

    Wish me luck, everypony.

    0 comments · 166 views
  • 197 weeks
    First Chapter is out

    I managed to finally finish editing myself. A few things have come out a lot differently than I first wrote them - a lot of things got deleted (one was a hint on how that devastated world in the season 5 finale came to be - someone tempering with the tree of harmony), and I think the story is better off. More focused at least.

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MLP:FiM - reVerse · 7:48pm Nov 17th, 2015

I have to admit that sometimes the ways I get an Idea are not quite the straight-forward ones.
This time I lay in bed and didn't really want to get up (early mornings are somehow the best to relax a bit more) and I imagined Luna climbing up the tower and entering her sister's room at night.
The room was dark, of course, and I would have expected her to be there sleeping or sitting in front of the fireplace and reading some letters - but instead the room was empty. And at that moment I couldn't even place her there.

So the next question I asked myself: Why would that be? And WHEN would that be and ... one thing led to another and an Idea was born. An Idea that I was comfortable with, an Idea that I probably will be able to write down ...

Let me give you some short sentences I already came up with:

Light and Shadow are but two sides of the same coin. Where one might grief, burying their fault and shortcomings in rituals, preparing for a day when they can finally repent, another might go down a different path: Burying themselves in duty and justifying their actions with ‘the greater good’. Sometimes both sides can be found in the same pony. What has gone one way could have gone another … Subtle differences can, over time, steer history in a completely different direction …

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