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  • 235 weeks

    So let's start with the biggest question: where the fuck I've been.

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  • 268 weeks
    Why I love Comments

    So this is gonna be a Brad only blog, but I have to say this so I can express something that I think every writer feels towards their audience:




    And I mean this in the best way, so let's go down the list people on how Comments are the best thing ever to a writer:

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  • 269 weeks
    Deadpool's Bucket List

    1. Perform in WWE Style Wrestling Match

    2. Get own Movie (With Ryan Reynolds as me! YAY!)

    3. Become more popular than Wolvie (pending)

    4. Kick Thanos's Ass for stealing my waifu

    4. Tell Preston she needs to go on a diet

    5. Become an Avenger, then rub it in Cable's Face

    6. Get my own Subreddit (Not the movie one)

    7. Fist Bump a dragon

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  • 280 weeks

    So you're probably wondering...Where the balls have you been Brad?

    You mean other than watching youtube vids all day and sitting on your ass?

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  • 296 weeks
    Pretty much sums it up

    So I was searching through Cheezburger's My Little Brony page when I found this:

    Pretty much sums up Wade's thoughts on sex with ponies.....

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Deadpool's Equestria Girls Adventures! · 1:17am Oct 30th, 2015

So about a year ago I started hanging out with this group on the Cards against Humanity website Pretend you're Xyzzy where we Role Played as different Characters me being Deadpool because reasons. Anyways in the pas year a whole lot of shit has happened wit hour characters and My Deadpool has evolved so I decided to make a few fics for the group descibing some stuff that happened to Wade off screen and I did and after I got finished a thought came into my head and it was "I wonder if I could turn this into an actual story. I seem to be able to write a pretty good Deadpool so why not?".....then I read Spiders and Magic which is a Spiderman fic that was written be a guy named Maximus_Reborn...and it was awesome so I was like "So this guy can make a Spiderman Crossover work...why not a Deadpool Crossover?" So I've got a concept pilot chapter written that needs to edited so it's not just an inside joke between my Role Play friends that I'm running by my Nightfury editor and hopefully Maximus himself so once I hear back from them I'll edit it and make sure it is ready for reader consumsion but until then we'll just have to see.

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