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A fledgling writer trying simply to write an awesome story.

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  • 215 weeks

    The book Long forgotten History has been set on hiatus, and while I hope to return to it I will be taking a break on it, as I have written myself into a rut. (Shards of glass will still be updated.:twilightsmile:)

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  • 220 weeks
    Editor please.

    So lately I have had trouble editing my stories, and while I have sketch de tail for shards of glass, I need an editor for long forgotten History if anyone is interested.

    3 comments · 125 views
  • 223 weeks
    Chapter change

    Small change to the end of final blows that changes the plot a little bit, just a quick PSA

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  • 226 weeks
    The mini hiatus and two hundred views!

    In case you didn't notice I was not able to post for the last few weeks, this was because of some personal stuff going on in my life causing a writer's block, but it is all better now. On the flipside, TWO HUNDRED VIEWS, YAY!:yay: so I will try to post once a day until the next week in order to catch up and also to celebrate, thank you!

    7 comments · 128 views
  • 227 weeks
    Following the trend

    What do you think

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Late night thoughts · 1:54am Oct 28th, 2015

This is going to be a little thing that I'm going to be doing where around ten I am going to be posting random thoughts and questions about life and stuff, You can answer it or tell others your late night thoughts.
So, the thought that had just popped into my head is, of my subscribers, who has actually read my story, comment none, some, or all please.

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Comments ( 4 )

ooh wait do u live in the east coast?
because its a little over 10 on the east coast now (where I am) and i love finding out im not the only one in my time zone

3501686 but back to the question, how much have you read.

3502111 i haven't read your story yet, but i will when i can get to it!

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