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  • 471 weeks
    Chapter Coming up

    Alright I am working on the chapter of BWYK now. I applogize for not updating it sooner espically after it was placed on TV Tropes (whoever did that you are far too kind).

    In the mean time Help an animator out by voting for his group in the Saxxys

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  • 483 weeks
    Good News and Bad News.

    Good news is that I think I have figured out a way around my writer's block and I might be able to do a chapter or two soon.

    Bad news is that "soon" is probobly gonna be after the Saxxys! As I am doing multiple videos for it.

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  • 486 weeks
    Yes.... It's so bad I can't even write it myself

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  • 497 weeks
    Finals done back to Doctor whooves

    That is if i can stop playing minecrack-IMEAN Minecraft

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  • 501 weeks
    Fate is a crule bi-

    Alright It seems in the latest upgrade must have deleted the Bottom half of my 5th chapter of Doctor Whoof: BWYK and because of a programing mishap my Personal version of the chapter has been corrupted. So if anyone has a copy of my 5th chapter please contact me.

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Yes.... It's so bad I can't even write it myself · 4:15am Aug 2nd, 2012

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