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  • 266 weeks
    3rd debate last night

    There was only one correct answer to last night's big question and you completely failed it Trump.
    I am glad you were being honest, but what now?
    Even the dimmest of stars now understands that you won't peacefully back down if you lose.

    Please honorably withdraw or change your opinion.
    Is your goal to disgrace the Republican party?

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  • 275 weeks
    Is it weird to make a story about this?

    Part of me wants to make a story about how Flurry Heart is not an alicorn.
    That she is actually chrysalis's egg planted in Cadence with Armor's seed.
    The reason she looks like an alicorn is birthed changelings take on traits from their host and seeder.
    So it just ended up being an alicorn since Cadence was one.

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  • 279 weeks
    Twilight Sparkle, Rnc, Tara Strong comedy

    I recognize this quote, it is exposition from the Trantabus episode where all of Ponyville was in a dream.
    And do not quote Twilight Sparkle in defense of Ms. Trump.
    Tara Strong is taking it well. #plagirism is not magic.

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  • 291 weeks
    Oh come on....

    No pony today, and the preview for next episode makes me want it now!!!!
    Oh well, will be patient. Not spoiling the episode... but I know a few are going to be happy.

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  • 300 weeks
    Hey Kids!!!!

    Hey kids, one of these stories doesn't belong.
    Can you figure it out?

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All's Fair in Love and Equestria Games · 9:04pm Aug 13th, 2015

The Hasbro short "All's Fair in Love and Equestria Games" was released less than a week ago
and it is hot/adorable.
(It's the Spanish version but there have been Subtitles/Dub versions)
Watched it and was thinking that it was very good "Best Friends" material.

Imagined it would cause for the creation of a T Romance, or M Clop with a plot fiction.

Hoping the English version comes out to see what everyone's reactions will be.

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