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Basically I'm that person thats in your pantry nagging you every time you open the d- Ooh look! Cookies!

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  • 241 weeks
    Guess who's back after a hek of a hiatus????

    pls do not hate me

    ok so yeah imback and i don't know what even happened
    i got caught up in stuff and kinds just drifted from this site
    will fight tooth and claw to stay here now

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  • 257 weeks

    Look, Ik this can be taken as me being selfish. But I'd seriously love it if I got a comment on this post telling me everyones still here. Really. I'd love it a bunch. You don't have to, but it'd mean a lot to me. With all that said and done, Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate that, I hope you had/have a good time today with whatever holiday you do celebrate!!

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  • 257 weeks
    Ok news

    So I said I'd get the chapter out asap

    before friday

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  • 257 weeks
    Ok, y'all

    I'm so sorry. Like, for everyone who loved the first chapter of Chrysalis's story. I honestly didn't mean to stop working on it. I keep forgetting about it in lieu of other things, but I promise, I'm gonna get the next chapter up before Friday if it kills me. I know I've been gone a while, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone here has forgotten they follow me except Pix.

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  • 293 weeks
    Sup, guys...

    So, I haven't been active lately AT ALL. Yeah, I've been commenting here and there, messaging people back... But I haven't really been doing much. I think I'm drifting away from this fandom. And because I love this fandom so much and its stuck with me so long... I'm going to fight tooth and claw to stay in it. So I'll be going on a writing binge, doing my best to come up with new chapters.

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Ok, this I can make a fanfic of. · 6:17am Aug 8th, 2015

Now, this is not MLP related. But a few of my followers or the people I follow(Im looking at you especially, KellogsCookiecrisp) [You too Otaku, but nopony has to know that.

Now look at that badass drawing, and if you don't know what it is, then too bad but still admire the amazing artistry, if you do, then you'll know exactly how much this made me fangasm. And squee like a maniac.

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