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I moved here from Fanfiction just to see how well my stories will do here. Of course, I'm not looking for popularity, I would just love some feedback, just to see if I'm going in the right direction.

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So....I tried drawing ponies · 9:54pm Jul 31st, 2015

If you're going to say anything harsh, well I fucking welcome it!:rainbowdetermined2:
Just be warned: it's pretty bad

Comments ( 5 )

Well I don't usually give reviews on art since I would suck worse than you.

D: That looks like a giraffe with dry bone heads.

A: Hey at least be nice by commenting that he gave a nice try. I mean top 2 don't look so bad. I think you can actually make good pony designs.\

D:I guess if you were making zombies, yet the bottom left sucks the most out of the three.

A: You know what * grabs a machine gun and shoot D to piece* now your worse than any art. Bitch!

Honesty the art isn't bad just practice on the foals, colt, and fillies. Other than that keep trying and wish you luck. The D is the devil and A is the angel. Plus I would expect some funny comments after I type this.

there ok but i know in time you'll be a forced to be reckoned with.

3285462 Thanks for the review, I guess. Yeah they do look pretty bad; and I was just trying to make the bases instead of going completely on the details. Also, don't expect too many comments, apparently not too many people care to comment on what put up on this site. I guess you have to be one of the big ones in order for people to give a shit. I'm sorry, really I am. I didn't mean to go emo on you. Anyway, thanks for the criticism!

3285688 I hope so, I really want to give this a shot. Although, there's only but so much you can do with pencil and paper. I doubt I'll excell any further, but I'll try not to give up. Anyway, thank you for the review.

Don't worry your not going emo. Honestly if I had to draw I would expect no to little viewers and I would respond similar to what you said. So the D and A message is suppose to represent the positive fighting off the negative or something similar. I am honest about keep practice since my brother drew horrible until he practice to making a decent picture (art isn't his profession.) So hang in there good buddy.

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