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Call me Kris. I am the kind of girl who likes to watch Mlp, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls and Anime. I adore dramatical, romantic stories, and Creepypasta

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    How Awkward

    I've been on Quotev and Wattpad for the past few weeks, not really typing mlp stuff like my sister Candy does. Turns out, a couple of my stories on Quotev have gotten recognized a lot. For those of you that somehow still follow me, thanks. I really mean that. I've been more active on FimFiction than you'd think.

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    Sorry (a-frickin'-gain)

    Yeah, it's been two weeks... sorry guys.
    Been kinda busy... lol srsly, I apologize too much.
    So, I'm going to make this less awkward and watch Attack On Titan..... BYE!


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    Ok, this is AMAZING!!!

    Listen to this, it's awesome! Woo!

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    So...... Thank You

    I have thanked all of my sister's followers, some of you may know. To be honest, I didn't only do it as an act of kindness, but because my sister, Candy, is a really good person at heart. And sometimes she doesn't feel influenced enough, or encouraged. We both lack confidence.

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    October 2nd

    So my BDAY is Friday... meh. Candy's is, too.

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Ok.... don't hate me but.... · 3:24am Jun 30th, 2015

So here's the thing. I am almost done with the first Percy Jackson series.

:pinkiegasp: "Rose_Fire! You're just now reading them?!"

Truth be told, I wanted to wait. But at first I guess I just wasn't that into it. Then my friends tried talking me into it, because they'd say things about it that I had no idea about....
Anyway, so I'm reading it now. And I'm currently reading The Last Olympian. So good! My friends told me I'm like Thalia. And that I would be a great Hunter Of Artemis.

Don't spoil the series for me, guys. I HATE spoilers.
So yeah, I love it so much. I am such a huge fan. But if you read the books, you know Rick Riordan. Such a troll::twilightangry2::flutterrage::facehoof: But I like his writing.

But I won't forgive him for WARNING:SPOILER!Making Percabeth fall into Tartarus!
Let me guess.... 'How do you know that, you didn't read the ending of Mark Of Athena. Well, it got around to me. But it's so cruel. He made fans wait an entire year for the next book. Which is why people were so excited for the next one I'm guessing.

Anyway, thx 4 reading my post, Peace! I'm watching Jacksepticeye.

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