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Serious Delays · 10:12pm Jan 15th, 2012

Hey Everypony,

Apologies for the humongous delays on the story. I had originally hoped to have the story completed by today and of course that didn't happen. I have been forced, once by unfortunate circumstances and once to return to college, to move around, which is a time consuming process and also there have been a couple of deaths in the lives of people I am close to. Fortunately no one I was especially close to, but even with a degree of seperation, deaths are never easy to deal with.

In the long run it left me in no mood to write and truthfully, at least as far as the human equestria story has gone, that feeling is still lingering.

Luckily, in the last week or so I have been struck massively by inspiration for another work and have a framework of where it will go. Hopefully writing something new will bring back my desire to finish Forest For The Trees.

Sorry to Leigh (for the wait), and of course,
Sorry to my fans,
aka: Pony Ranger Green

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