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I am sort of an amateur writer but I love creative writing. Especially about topics that I love.

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    This is an awesome story by Jay-The-Brony. Now i'm upset. Not with him but with myself. I had an idea like this back in June and I never actually sat down to write it. Now he wrote a story very similar and personally I think he wrote it better than I could've myself. :fluttercry:

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    This is for anyone who has requested art from me. I'm sorry that I've had people waiting so long. July has been a long month and it's been very busy. I'm not making any promises but I am trying my hardest to finish the requests by the end of the month. :twilightblush:

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    Just a few hours ago I got a new graphic tablet delivered. So I was able to do this.

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    I am finally out of school and I will be able to focus on my fanfics and art. Also my birthday was yesterday. This is why I love June. The start of summer vacation and my birthday, and father's day. Also I got most artistic and 2 honor roll awards today. I might also be able to finally catch up with all the new chapters of some fanfictions. These is a good one:

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I've Been Beanboozled!! · 11:34pm May 14th, 2015

There is this game called the "Beanboozled" by Jelly Belly and my friends have been playing this for quite a while. It is a game where two jelly beans look alike and one is a good flavor and one is a bad one. So one of my friends pulled it out of her backpack and set it on the table. So I asked "Can I try one?" and she handed me the box. 4 jelly beans, two pairs of the same color were in there.
I hesitated but I grabbed a white one. I have my methods of examining food before I eat it because I am picky so I used my nail to slightly open it. It smelled like rotten eggs. I got the rotten egg flavor :ajbemused:. Two minutes later, one of my friends came with an orange one. She said "Try it, it's peach,"
Sadly I can't trust her so I slowly picked it up and examined it for like a whole minute. So she says "Just swallow it,"
Still not trusting her I handed it back to her and said "Why don't you eat it,"
She slowly nibbled on it and said "this is peach" and nibble on it even more. For a second I got upset that I gave up a good flavor but then, because the jelly bean was open, I could smell puke. For a second I was happy that I didn't eat it but then she kept nibbling on it thinking it was peach. Finally she said "This isn't peach! It taste like spaghetti! What kind of spaghetti-puke flavor is this?" then she threw it back to the box. :facehoof: I wonder about her sometimes.
In the end this is why I never wanted to play the game. I have the worst luck, I knew I would never get a good flavor. :raritycry:

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