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Bippity boppity boo. To you I say adieu

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  • 346 weeks
    Forgotten One is attacking me.

    He is indirectly using false evidence to claim that I'm someone who was on the site at one point.

    But I'm not. This is hurting me because he is technically calling me fake.

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  • 346 weeks
    I might make my own XBone profile.

    Instead of using my brother's.

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  • 346 weeks
    Forgotten one is a creep

    He acts like he knows who I am, saying I left the page and came back.

    What the actual fuck is he talking about?

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  • 346 weeks

    I'm bored. If anyone wants to help, PM me

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  • 346 weeks

    Life can be hard or life can be great.
    Choose your path wisely and it can be the best thing ever.

    (Translation: I'm bored and can't think of anything to say).

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I'll be drawing the picture later today. · 1:01pm Apr 13th, 2015

So no worries. :twilightsmile:

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