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The cobalt legion is a technological organization, while we build up our forces to take over Equestria we shall provide cover art and maybe some stories.

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  • 264 weeks
    No new art!(for now)

    I will not be excepting any more art requests until further notice as my schedule is very tight and the amount of time i have for commissions is limited. so unless ive already agreed to do art for you, i will not take any more request until i am fully caught up. sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • 266 weeks
    Cobalt Legion Seal of Approval.

    This is how you know we approve!

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  • 267 weeks
    New Cog split.

    I made this to show case the new skills I've honed in show quality appearance... plus its better than the former one.

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  • 279 weeks
    Happy dance.

    Cog and her Happy dance... I think?:pinkiehappy:

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  • 279 weeks
    Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy.

    One of the pillars of the Acting Community has fallen, the Hearts of the Cobalt Legion goes out to Nimoy's family.
    May he reside in the pantheons of Acting history Forever.

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Blood is thicker than water. · 8:23am Feb 12th, 2015

Steel wasn't the only child of the Cog family effected by the sabotage and destruction of the family's Canterlot factory. Being protective of his family, Cobalt took care of his younger sister during her stay in the Canterlot emergency care unit going so far as to use the family fortune to hire the best surgeons available to improve her odds. While he is not skilled in engineering like most of the Cogs, he did inherit his late father's business sense. Whilst Steel herself possesses considerable wealth, Cobalt's is tenfold. Mentally he is more stable than his sister, and can be found in Manehatten high society. He however is not to be crossed as he possesses less compassion than his insane sibling, the effects of losing most of his family in the same explosion are unclear. Steel Cog is the leader of the Cobalt legion, Cobalt Cog is the financial backer.

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