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  • 247 weeks
    Gen 5 Thoughts?

    so with gen 4 being over I was wondering what everypony's thoughts were on Gen 5?
    Tell me what you hope for and what you expect.

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  • 263 weeks
    So i found this. help

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  • 284 weeks
    A thought

    'Life and death' a pretty simple concept but at the same time not completely cuz without life you can't have death and without death you can't have life, everything is interwoven so closely that sometimes it's hard to see the lines, take for example when you get really hot you start to feel cold and when you get cold enough you start to feel like you're burning, that's just how life seems to go

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  • 288 weeks
    Happy New Years

    I just want to wish everypony a Happy New Year's hope we have a good year this year

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  • 302 weeks
    A thought

    When we are child we subconsciously deny everything bad that happens around us.

    When we were teenager we are often angry at everyone and everything around us.

    When we are young adults we're always bargaining and fighting for what we want and what we believe should be right.

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new group · 7:08pm Jan 17th, 2015

I made a group and I am looking for stories to put in it, if you find one can you post a comment with the story name. Here is the link to the group http://www.fimfiction.net/group/206149/child-of-humans-and-ponies

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