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  • 192 weeks
    That one song...

    That gives you enough good vibes to get through the school day

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  • 193 weeks
    Love is...

    When you're in a lot of physical pain, but the thought of that person helps you think straight.

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  • 198 weeks
    Damn. Beautiful

    'Waiting is the harder option, but the thought of her smile makes me want to go through anything just to eventually be with her.'

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  • 198 weeks
    I love how much he loves her.

    A dude I know has to wait for his girlfriend and I asked him how he does it, how he copes with waiting.
    He said:
    Each day I'm one step closer. That's what keeps me going.


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  • 199 weeks
    My dream may seem far fetched.

    But I don't care, I don't care that others doubt me. I'm not gonna sit and complain that it's unachievable. I'm doing my best and keeping all the hope in the world that one day the dream will come true.
    If I fail, I know I tried. If I get it, I know I earned it.

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Recovering.. · 3:16am Nov 11th, 2014

These last two months have been particularly harsh on me..

Saying goodbye to friends, losing my best friend, being bullied, almost dying in the water as suicide threatened me..

I just recovered from my latest relapse of depression, and it was the worst! I just want to state, everything's going well so far, I seem to have a good start at life, and I think I'm going to be happy for the rest of these weeks..

I've never felt so thankful for normal life issues, after experiencing true depression, and true suicidal thoughts..

So be thankful! Just cause Thanksgiving is in a few weeks, does not mean you can't be thankful for your own life!

Be thankful every day, think of what your thankful for every time before you go to sleep!

You never want to feel the horrible feeling I felt, and some of us suicidal thinking ones have, and enjoy life any time!

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#1 · Nov 11th, 2014 · · ·

Oh come here let black jesus give you a hug...*hugs*

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