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  • 449 weeks
    Ok, read and please pas around.

    Ok, according to the Devteam Mane6 who was behind the Fighting is Magic has a chance to use the SkullGirls fighting engine. Click here for Mane6 blog.

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  • 472 weeks

    Ok, I just found this on my twitter update and I think this needs to be passed along. Purple Tinker, the person behind the founding of BRONYCON has started a petition against Canterlote Gardens for slander and other things. The link below can better explain what's going on, but please sign it and pass it on to others.

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  • 481 weeks
    Looking for some help.

    Ok, the thing is that I got this new app game that I'm playing called "Rage of BahAmut". It's a card game where you complete quests and earn monster cards that you can enhance, evolve and trade. What I need help is that I need others to download the app (doesn't matter if you have an Android or an ISO user) complete the tutorial section and then enter my code

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  • 484 weeks
    Happy Luna is best Luna

    When I seen this on EQD, only one thing came to mind. That was Yuki Kajiura "In the land of twilight, under the moon" which I heard for the first time from the anime .Hack/Sign.

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  • 486 weeks
    Love photoshop

    Enough said.

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Don't trust the App;e Store · 3:40am Jun 20th, 2012

Ok, so my Ipod's center button wasn't working so I had no way of backing out of my apps. So I took it to the apple store and explained my problem and that my warrenty had just expired. needles to say, they tricked my into buying a brand new ipod, and then showed me the tap assistant program in the ipod settings wich will back me out of my apps. Stupid B@stards, that little trick would of saved me $200!!! needless to say I'm not a very happy pony, and that now I have to re-sync everything back onto my "new" ipod. luckly tho I remember to had it recently backed up before I did this.

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Wow, that must suck being swindled, but I came up with a bunch of jokes for such an occasion:
"They (technically) lied to you? But they're the element of honesty!"
"Strange, you think you would have been tricked by the "Flim Flam Store!"
"I guess you could call them "Sour Apples!"

Anyway, I'm scared to go to the Apple store now: A month ago, I accidental cracked my screen for my iPod because I saw my moms car when I got out of school that day and I rushed to grab my backpack and it fell out of my jacket. :twilightsheepish:

:facehoof: I know, I'm right now re-syncing everything and I hope that my notes and internet favs are resynce to my device. If not this will be me :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Nope, none of my notes of net favs were saved

184783 Took me awhile, but I figured out what I did wrong and now all my settings and notes are back on my ipod. :twilightsmile:

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