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Here's the deal · 9:32am Jun 17th, 2012

Okay everyone, here's the deal:

A while ago I realized that I've basically abandoned the Trouble with Time Travel, and have pursued various other boondoggles for fun and pageviews. Now, I want to tell the same basic story, and have some of the same themes, but I've realized that if I'm going to start writing the original story again I would basically have to completely reboot it. There are several compelling reasons why:

1) I went in with only something resembling a plan. The result is that my ideas were all over the place.
2) I was a bit manic at the time due to family issues. The Trouble with Time Travel helped me cope in a creative way.
3) I was not as experienced in writing as I am now. The massive mistakes and critiques I've made writing The Trouble with Time Travel was a part of growing process.
4) I combined two potentially good plots into one jumbled plot. That why you get SPACE TEXAS OUT OF NOWHERE!
5) It relied on a very obvious Deus Ex Machina, and thus didn't have the necessary mystery of a good story.
6) The pacing was too quick, and several characters were too shallow, as I tried to lay down groundwork for continuation too early.
7) I have new ideas of where I want to go with this.

But, most importantly, I can't unFUBAR it without it being horrible. I'm man enough to realize it.

So, I've started a complete reboot. I plan on incoperating elements of everything I've written (even the things I haven't put on FiMfic) in there. The project is currently working under the title of Troubled New Home, and is an outright AU instead of a "crossover".It can be found here. This includes discussion and worldbuilding.

I will begin reformatting it to chapter style releases once I've figured out the best way to divide the stories, as well as a decently good name.

Other news:
Twilight Sparkle: HEROINE OF THE IMPERIUM is cancelled, but will not be deleted. Efforts have to focused on things I can do well.
Twilight Sparkle, Planeswalker is on hiatus, with possible cancellation, because I cannot spread my efforts that far in the same franchise with the same character without some form of creative burnout. As it is I'm pretty consistently churning out at least one 1,000 word snippets once every couple of days, with worldbuilding, commentary and discussion.

A non-pony Fallout fic is also being made, for the sake of continuing to get in practice writing while keeping things fresh. It can be found here.

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Sad face:fluttercry:. I was looking forward to an actually good crossover with Magic The Gathering. Ah, well, can't spread yourself too thin. Congrats on getting featured on EQD.

... I was featured on EqD?

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