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  • 192 weeks
    That one song...

    That gives you enough good vibes to get through the school day

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  • 193 weeks
    Love is...

    When you're in a lot of physical pain, but the thought of that person helps you think straight.

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  • 198 weeks
    Damn. Beautiful

    'Waiting is the harder option, but the thought of her smile makes me want to go through anything just to eventually be with her.'

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  • 198 weeks
    I love how much he loves her.

    A dude I know has to wait for his girlfriend and I asked him how he does it, how he copes with waiting.
    He said:
    Each day I'm one step closer. That's what keeps me going.


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  • 198 weeks
    My dream may seem far fetched.

    But I don't care, I don't care that others doubt me. I'm not gonna sit and complain that it's unachievable. I'm doing my best and keeping all the hope in the world that one day the dream will come true.
    If I fail, I know I tried. If I get it, I know I earned it.

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Sad News On Lonely World · 4:29am Sep 20th, 2014


I am afraid to say it. But I must.
Lonely World has been cancelled. I am very sorry for those who liked it, I am really sorry.
But, the story is not working for me.
On the first day I got into MLP Fimfic, I was so excited of being part of Fimfic, that I decided to take a simple story I had on my computer, and post it on, without giving it much attention.
It wasn't made out of my love of writing, it was made out of my excitement of being on the website, I reread the next chapter, and I thought right away, this story is not written with love.
I didn't even proofread them more than once!
I promise you that the next two stories I'm writing, have been given the right amount of time, real hard work, and extra proofreading.

Rose June

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