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I can feel the Music again, can you? · 5:19pm Dec 21st, 2011

Hey yo! Whats up ponies/humans? I'm back! *laughs evilly*

Sorry about kind of dieing for about a month, I don't know why but quite a few of things just hit me back to back and ruined my perfect balance of writing mojo. First it was just a need for a break, then it was school work, then it was finals, then I got sick, then it was my parents, then it was Rainbow Factory, then it was Minecraft, then it was RPing on Ponysquare, then it was my parents again....I think you get the picture, anyway, I'm beginning to feel that writing mojo beginning to flow again. Hopefully I can make this feeling last a while again.

Anyway, I am really trying to get back into the swing of writing again tho. So hopefully I can pick up from where I was at. If I can, this will be the first time I have resumed writing a story after the feeling of the story left me. Anyone that knows me on Fanfiction.net will know of my track record of this. First it happened after I lost the manuscript of my Naruto story (which I am still surprised receives a constant stream of views even though I haven't updated in over a year and a half) and then after I lost the second chapter of my Suzumiya Haruhi story. But To Feel the Music is going to be different, I can feel it. I am going to actually finish it! I know I am! I...*dramatic pose* I must! For the ponies, I must!

Now, if you want to help me keep this feeling going strong, and eventually result in more chapters, I need your help. (yes even you anonymous lurkers) I need, now brace yourselves and try not to panic, but I need you guys to talk to me! Comments, notes, reviews, emails, skype chats, demonic messages written in pigs blood, whatever you think is appropriate (although I do discourage messages written in blood, they tend to stain the wallpaper) just talk to me, give me ideas, ask me questions about the story, suggest stories to me, just goof off and be silly, whatever just get me back into the mindset of a happy writer! I need this, if not, I don't think I will be able to find strength to resume this story and it will die just like every other story I have attempted and I don't want this, and I know many of you don't want this either. So, please, ponies, do it for the lulz, you deserve that much!

Here's a handy little guide of what each thing does so you can help me help you:

Just talking to me: lets me know what you guys are like and like to read, as well as cheer me up when I'm depressed
*Asking questions about the story: makes me think of answers to use and situations to write about
Giving me ideas/suggestions: makes me think in different points of view which leads to ideas of my own
Suggesting stories: Gives me reference material to look at/stories to read to help get my mood right
Just being goofy and silly: Helps boost my random-o-meter and helps me think of funny stuff to put into the story
*Writing critiques/walls of text/awesome reviews: Helps me know what I am doing is good and what is bad.
*Complaining about how much you hate my story: Gives me something to laugh about, ideas for funny stuff and helps me think out of the box
Being awesome in general: Makes me want to be like you
Offering to help and actually following through with said help: Makes you awesome and one of the people that I will listen to most/ask for advice.
Writing stories yourself: is like a combination of all the above (however it does stall my progress at times)

Hopefully that helps you know what to do, and the ones with a * mean they are the most important/are the most effective. For example, I received one small wall of text earlier today that actually prompted my mood enough to get me back into the mood to write again.

So please, give me a hand! And if you think I am sounding overly dramatic/whiny, and it surprises you, then you obviously don't know me at all.

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