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A guide to playing My Little Quest · 1:01am Mar 2nd, 2014

(My Little Quest takes inspiration from RPGs such as Fighting Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons)

My Little Quest is (or is going to be) a series of stories where the main character is played by the best person for the job... YOU! You will travel through Equestria, using your skills, smarts, and swords to gain fame, fortune, and loot! Your character will start off weak, but will grow in power as they face the monsters of Equestria, or other lands of the world. You will meet many friends, slay many beasts, and collect many powerful items through your journeys.

But first, you've actually got to make the character.

There are four stats you will calculate, using random dice rolls (You may use your own dice or online dice-rolling programs, the latter is probably more convenient.)

Strength: Your fighting ability, as well as your brute muscle. Calculated by rolling a six-sided die. Strength is often raised with certain armors, weapons, or enchantments, and even potions.

Health: Your health is a measure of your well being, and your initial health is calculated by rolling one six-sided die and multiplying the result by two. Health can be raised by eating, drinking, imbibing potions, and certain spells.

Agility: Your ability to move quickly, mainly for dodging attacks or narrowly escaping traps, Calculated by rolling one six-sided die. Agility can be raised with certain spells, potions, or armors.

Luck: Your luck is a measure of your good fortune, or sometimes misfortune. Luck is often used when drinking unlabeled potions, opening crates, and can even be used to dodge attacks in combat. Your initial luck is calculated by rolling one six-sided die and adding four to the result. If you wish to dodge and attack in combat, or you come upon a situation where it says to "Roll your luck" You roll a pair of six-sided dice. If the result is equal to or less than your luck value, then you are "Lucky."(In combat, this means that any damage is avoided.) However, if the result is greater than your luck value, then you are "Unlucky."(In combat, this means that whatever damage you take is doubled. You may also use luck when you attack. If you are lucky, then you do two extra damage. However, if you are unlucky, then you do no damage. Any time you utilize luck, whether it's in combat or not, you subtract one point from your luck value. Luck can be increased with potions, certain rings or treasures, or even spells.

(Note: In certain stories, there may be certain stats added or omitted from your character sheet. Please make sure you double check the description, so you know how to calculate stats, or which ones to calculate.)

(Note 2: If you've already created a character in a previous story, and there is another My Little Quest story that uses the same kind of stats, then you may use that character's stats, as well as the items that they had.)

Once you have calculated all of your stats, it's time to pick your race!

Earth Pony: Earth Ponies have the most physical strength of the three pony races, and they are the most adept with nature and agriculture. They receive two extra points in Strength.

Pegasus: Granted the ability of flight, Pegasi are the most agile of the three pony races. As a result, they gain two extra points in Agility.

Unicorn: The wisest and most mentally advanced of all three pony races, Unicorns have luck almost bred into their genes. Unicorns receive two extra points in Luck.

Be wise which race you choose. Certain races may have options in stories that they might've not received had they been a different race... (for example, a pegasi could walk across a bridge of clouds, while an earth pony would have to find another route.)

(Note: Certain stories may have certain races added or omitted. Keep an eye on the description :3)


Your bored, and now you want to know how to kill things, right? Okay! Here's how combat works!

When you encounter an enemy, and choose, or are forced to fight, two six-sided dice are rolled for you and the enemy. Who or whatever gets the higher result gets the first turn in combat. If the rolls tie, then just re-roll.

The attacking entity (whoever gets the higher roll when the fight begins) rolls two six-sided dice and adds their Strength to the result. The defending entity (Whoever got the lower roll when the fight begins) rolls two six-sided dice and adds their Agility to the result. If the attacker gets the higher result, then the defending entity takes a single four-sided die of damage. However, if the defending entity's result is higher, then they take no damage.

Once that roll is over, then the defending entity becomes the attacking entity, and vice versa.

The fight continues until either all enemies are defeated, or you are killed. If you die, unless you have an item that says otherwise, your journey is over.

Keep in mind, you may only use healing items when you're not in combat.

(Remember, you can use luck in combat, refer to luck above to figure out how.)

That's the basics! Thanks for checking this out, have fun, and greatest of luck on your journey :)

Below is a little sheet, just to help you keep things neat on your journey




Current Page: (In case you have to quit in the middle of an adventure)

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