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To quote Oscar Wilde, "I don't have any underwear on, and I don't care!"

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  • 303 weeks
    New story for the first time in bloody ages

    SO, before I continue, allow me to put out a few qualifiers to what I'm about to say.

    I know I said I was going to focus on 'I remember you' before updating my other stories
    This story, 'Gatekeeper' is going to be short, and it's only one chapter and maybe an epilogue.
    Allow me to expose a few plot points to those of you who read this

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  • 304 weeks
    the new features

    well, this place looks almost as it did in 2013, but one thing has changed.

    now, you can put stories on 'Hiatus'


    Well, I'm going to go do that.

    yeah nothing else to say

    i really should sleep sometime.

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  • 304 weeks
    When the exams be over you be like 'woop'

    yeah so a nice English exam to finish this stressful period, so three essays and carpal tunnel syndrome aplenty.


    yeah I really didnt know anything else to do whit this so here's a cute comic

    yeah no idea honestly

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  • 304 weeks

    two years, family breakup, social rehabilitation, and quite a bit of very silly amateur non-pony stories later, I'm... back? I don't think I can say that, because I'm not sure if I will stay, but here's the deal.

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  • 392 weeks

    It may have come to your attention that I have been absent for a while.

    So, yeah. great to see y'all again. ill try to stay on more often.

    ...jeez, some of my friends have gained hundreds of watchers. I need to up my game!

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An actual blog this time guys · 8:04am Dec 4th, 2013

As well as a new username, I am now doing art.

You heard correct! I will draw your art! Free, quick, and (I ran out of adjectives) Handsome! Wait, wha-

*ahem* I'm talking to you, myst. You post quite a few stories, and I will be happy to illustrate cover art for any of them. And, all of you as well. Not just Myst. Anyway, Dat Rainboom is probably going to criticise my grammar like always. So, that's about it.

*whistles hauntingly* I'll be a traveller,
Never going to back down
I'll always be wandering
Waiting for The Sound

-what, still here?

Nothing to see, move on.

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