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Love the series, and I find fanfics enjoyable depending on whats in them. Not a big fan of dark,grim or clop (unless it's more romancey than sexy.)

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    Well, here's the End.

    Since I've fallen out of the Fandom, my work has been nil on this website for some time. Just wanted to say that I had a blast writing for everyone, and I hope my tales bring people joy for years to come. As for me, I've gotta move on to being a real adult, so my fanfiction writing is no longer relevant to my life. I apologize if any of my stories you liked are all unfinished, I have no excuse

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Watchers,readers, please read this. · 10:18am Sep 2nd, 2013

So i was just browsing around on my user page and what not, and realized, my most recent blog post, before this one, does not have any views. this disturbs me. so therefore, i want to know how many of you are actually reading my own material, or just know me from the DDCT universe. How many of you are actually excited i'm putting my heart and soul into the fandom again, and most importantly, how many of you actually care. Cause it's really depressing to feel like nobody cares anymore, and as such, makes it really hard to find motivation to do anything. that is all. thank you.

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Southpaw, I've noticed a major decline in the number of views and comments in my blogs as of late. Now that knighty has the feature that lets you read blog posts from your update feed (something he added while you were away), most don't bother to enter the blog post itself and thus it's being viewed but it doesn't count and unless the news is compelling enough, most just pop by to read it, rather than offer a comment. At least that's what I've noticed in my blogs as of late. My die hard followers keep offering their thoughts and best wishes. One thing I remember from my early days on here, when I had a much smaller following, my older blogs didn't really get much attention. As you add new stories and slowly gain more followers, you should notice more activity on you user page. It can be a very trying thing, but just remember this, be patient, do what you love and hang in there. That's what I did, and you can see where I eventually got to. :twilightsmile:

I for one am glad you are back posting, I just fear that due to my work schedule, I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind on my reading. :twilightsheepish:

And that, Jaydex, that unshakable optimism, is why you're probably my only favorite user on this site. You've always offered your best in every aspect and I appreciate it insanely much. But I've always been the type to give up easily if it felt like it wasn't worth it. my reading is way behind also, and i nuked i don't know how many read laters and favorites last night. I hated to do it, but as you know, work doesn't allow us much time for reading or otherwise. I still have yet to order a copy of your book for my collection, regrettably. But I will, eventually, haha. mayhaps I can get a signed one, so i can be all hipster and be like "I knew this author before he got published".

I always try to stay optimistic, believe me, some days it's not easy, but I don't like being negative or a dower. It just doesn't feel right. I tried nuking some of my read laters, but only certain stories were in need of removing. Some were short enough I could glance over and decide if they should go, others I was able to note were originally there for all the right reasons. In time I'll get to them, and thankfully, time makes all things possible.

Let me know when you have the money for a copy of my novel (no rush). I still have some on hand in my room. I could autograph a copy and then send it to you, following a Paypal transaction. :twilightsmile:

Dont worry Batman im always watching you...

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