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  • 254 weeks

    If your new to my stories here, howdy and welcome.

    Blue Skies is finally done, I wanted to end it on a lovely note that felt satisfactory enough. I've had a few messages asking me if it would ever finish and I'm sorry it took four years, it's definitely not a good enough ending to be worth the years of waiting.

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  • 390 weeks
    As I shout out into the vacant wastelands...

    Lots of stuff happened, mostly second guessing myself on every word-
    But it will all be over soon- I can't wait to finally cut off Blue, I hope to get it all written this next weekend (Regardless of graduation) and then get it patched up to upload.

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  • 399 weeks
    Does anyone have any links to the new mlp episodes from 8-above?

    Like a playlist or something, because youtube is chock full of-
    It's sort of stupid and kind of annoying, most of the people that even do that just have a facecam of them watching it normally and some force commentary.
    Do people really like to watch other people watch a show?

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  • 399 weeks
    Blue Skies + Headcount

    I wonder how many of you are still waiting for the next chapter
    I've had several impulses to write, but I never obeyed them because I'm too confused about a few things.

    We all know how it's going to end but- am I dragging it out too long? Or should I just end it with a final decent sized chapter

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  • 409 weeks

    Almost Christmas, whoo.
    Didn't forget anyone, although you probably have forgotten me, just busy.

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Boop, updates with Blue and Morello · 7:48pm Aug 18th, 2013

Howdy everyone, Winter here and I just wanted to say a few things to readers.

This is my senior year of Highschool now, and I've decided to really buckle down and get things done-
One of the biggest and only things I want to share about that is that I've been put in AP english, Ap stands for Advanced Placement- and I hope to learn to be better writer in this class, that was my major goal for shooting to be in this class so I can actually write well for those that like my stuff, I pushed myself to be in this class mostly for you guys and for myself because I just want to retain as much knowledge as possible.

I'm also hoping that paired with this comes with more will to write for pony, which I'm super glad will be returning in November I think.

Back when S2-3 were going on, it was nice trying to wake up early Saturday morning for livestreams, and if I woke up early enough I would go for a nice jog to come back for some relaxing and colorful horses. I really miss that, and I can't wait to do that again, and luckily it's also coming in my favorite time of the year

I hope to get started on the next update for blue soon, and then I need to work on the second chapter for Morello- I want 2 chapters out for that story before I publish it out, I just hope its well recepted.
The last time I did an OC story was Brohoof, which was with my oc and my friend's Ocs
It was pretty terrible. But I have hopes that people will like my changeling Oc, but I'm still trying to think of how I can make her as interesting as possible, but without her being 'I can do whatever I want and get away with it'

I really don't want to make people wait like 5 months for another chapter of Blue because a few people really like it-

Also, Dunsparce is a bro


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I remember when we were cranking out a new fic every other week. We'd go through stories and figure out what worked and what didn't and thus making better fics. I miss those days, back when we had a collaboration site, I'd get drunk and start pitching ideas. Pictures of scary cats, and pony gifs.

Team Joker

It's good to see that your writing again.

I still hate those cats.

I'm a bro? Kool. Lubs 16ever (that's 4ever squared)!

You must be one of Satan's right hand men
Has Dunsparce evolved into Bowser?

1293570 That would be pretty cool

Hopefully they unveil Mega Dunsparce- that would be pretty sick

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