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  • 582 weeks

    No no, NO. I'm not dead. I'm just hangin out with Death. He had cookies.

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  • 628 weeks
    Cameo in Another Story

    So, my friend Andrew recently created a Fimfiction account, and he's created a story that I'm being having a cameo in because we're best friends. So be a homie and go check that out!

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  • 644 weeks
    Title Change

    So I changed the title from My Little Pwny:Friendship is Gaming, to Beat Hazard, which is a game about music, so uh hope that helps why my story went down in views.

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  • 652 weeks
    OC Character Info

    Name: Starbass Inferno
    Colors: White coat, black and royal blue striped mane and tail.
    Favorite Accessories: Blue Tinted Glasses
    Last Injury: B-B-B-BASS DROP(Seriously)
    Occupation: Up-and-coming DJ
    DJ Name: DJ ST4RB455
    Favorite Food: Um...pie?
    Hobbies: Writing music, playing video games, insulting Prince, eating pie, head-bobbin to Wuvstep.

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Draftin Dat Story Doe · 4:11am Aug 4th, 2013

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