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I'm the kind of pony to tell an endless amount of stories, but have never put them down where others could see them, I plan to change that very quickly.

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  • 510 weeks

    So it is now Tuesday, and I have been trying to get out the chapter, but all my friends seem to be bent on stopping me...

    I am working my tail off on everything, I'll have 3 done eventually, but I need the whole day to concentrate...and somepony has already derailed my train of thought today (going out to lunch, how could I say no?).

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  • 511 weeks
    Why is the floor so sticky?

    So I've had a good day...I was going to work on 3 today, but somepony had to drag me out of the house for an all day event. Now its late, I'm exhausted, and cake won't eat itself.

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  • 511 weeks

    Well I had an awesome day, and have been reborn! Ok, enough silly down to business...I have finished 2 and its all posted, I lied to my special somepony...he's in the next chapter not this one. Oh and for anypony who feels this is very explanatory, everypony has to learn somewhere, and I didn't feel like skipping the time I had with Cireo...opps I mean Vail (we have a big past). Any-hoo, I

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  • 512 weeks
    April Fools day?

    This day has not been filled with jokes for me this year...sad thing is I didn't even notice it was April Fools day until a minute ago. This day has been kicking my plot.

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  • 512 weeks
    Sunday news.

    Today has been a hecktic day, an interesting wake up by my special somepony was about the only good part. I've found that I will be leaving Paradise (awesome name for my home town by the way) and that has slowed down my work on chapter 2. Then over the course of the day "2" has been coming along smoothly, though I took a break to watch a few shows then came back to my computer only to find one

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Update plans. · 5:54pm Mar 30th, 2012

So decided that I've never done a blog before...or a fanfic so might as well knock both those off my to do list. I plan to begin each chapter on Sunday or Monday (depends on how I feel), and upload each as they finish. Hopefully this time now that I have more then family viewing my work I'll try to keep up on my own stories. Not a Pinkie promise mind you, but I'll actually try for a full storyline.

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