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  • 500 weeks
    Lost planet: Equestria

    I've finally started doing the chapters for Lost Planet: Equestria again, sorry for such long delays but I've been moving out of college and home into Uni.

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  • 502 weeks
    I'm at Uni and back

    I, Moonshine and my sister Treacle Tart, are back to start with the typing of stories and the talking and ponies.
    <to self> That doesn't even make sense
    <out loud> I have returned to come and be the most horny pony EVER!!!
    Hay everypony, I'm back.

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  • 517 weeks
    Going away

    As of this friday (22nd June) I will have finished college and will no longer be able to do story chapters, then only way I could continue them would be if I was able to get onto my laptop to do them but that is currently unavailable, so sorry to those who are waiting for a chapter on any of the stories.

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  • 517 weeks
    Life as twins and new story

    Well, looks like Life as Twins isn't very popular, shame really because I don't understand why everypony hates me doing romance stories.
    I WAS going to continue with it but I might just mark it as cancelled and start a new story, I was thinking, do I do a Lost Planet cross-over or a Gears of war cross-over.

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  • 518 weeks
    New story

    I'm going to be taking Moonshine's confused Love off because I don't think it is doing too well, plus it has many dislikes, I can see why too.
    I will however be doing a replacement story, not sure of the name yet, let me think..........this will do. 'Life as twins'. That will do for now, what'cha think Moonshine?
    She says yes, so hope nopony is disappointed in the removal of my story.

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Holidays · 12:47pm Mar 29th, 2012

I am about to have two weeks off come Friday, so I won't be able to get another chapter out, sorry.
Once off holiday though I will story type like mad.

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