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I Am a Kakeyio and have no idea what a blog is... · 1:58am May 9th, 2013

Ok... soo... no idea what a blog is so i'm going to ramble on about some stuff,
Ok heres the thing i'm nuts plain and simple, i wear a fedora and a small woman sweater i'm Human male (to be Kakeyian) i am the creator of the Kakeyia Series which is still in the concept stage, completely unrelated to ponies. it's Sci-fi... anyways I'm a moderate psychopath a Communist, comic relief for my group (i get free shit like Plush Tardis) possible serial killer, with formal plans for world domination. in any case, i cook, bake, Make cupcakes if you catch my drift, build random stuff, sew, sue, attempt to solve the human emotion 'love' and study the possible weaponiztion of super heated ionized Noble Gas (Plasma). in short i'm nuts, crazy, and fairly about average in terms of intelligence (IQ of 137)

pony related i was introduced my a fellow crazy person (point being normal people don't have 'death days' parties just to rename them selves) who suggested a few episodes, since then i've been a fan, i read many fanfics favs being Cupcakes, Past sins, and Fallout Equestria (also major Fallout fan!)

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