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  • 452 weeks

    So as many of you know, I've not been updating Stardust in a really long while.
    This is due to a number of reasons-

    -I've had a mild loss of motivation.
    -I've been working on another major fanfiction project (originally for my NaNoWriMo) that has consumed a lot of my time- it's already 30k+ words long and it's nowhere near finished!
    -I've been redeveloping the characters.

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  • 482 weeks
    Uh. Hi?

    I haven't been on in a really long time.

    I'd been procrastinating on the new Stardust chapter for about three months now. Finally finished it yesterday. And for all that time I made you wait, it's not even that long/especially great, either.
    If you guys were the Homestuck fandom you'd all have gone extinct from insanity by now.

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  • 498 weeks

    I probably won't be updating as frequently as I need to be
    Minecraft. Minecraft is why.

    Of course, there's other things too! Roleplaying is really distracting and I get pretty much nothing done when I'm roleplaying. So.
    There. That's my excuse.

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  • 499 weeks
    Wow seriously?

    I read a fic a while back, and it was pretty funny so I upvoted and I think favorited it like you would usually do, and sort of went on with my life. Well today, I checked up on it, and I'm kind of upset.

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  • 504 weeks
    Torchhoof Debut

    Zzuxon's fabulous story "Torchhoof" (which I had called "The Torchhoof Chronicles" before an official name had been released) is about to make its debut!
    It's going to be a post-Stardust fic that's to be released after the final revisions- any time this week.

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Upd8 · 2:02pm Mar 23rd, 2012

HAHAHAHA I was gonna work on the story this morning but then I was like 'LOL NOPE LET'S MESS WITH OUR PROFILE'

Alright. System updates-
-I changed my icon because OTP.
-I changed my pen name because I was going to make that my username when I bought Minecraft... and someone already had it. I want to find them and love them.
-I have finished Wine Red's profile! (Jsyk, he's the main antagonist for my Fimfic and was the last profile I needed to do. Also Wine Red doesn't have an actual gender but I identify 'him' as male. A lot.)
-I have begun to conflict outline for 'Stardust', my fimfic. (I want to be thorough with this and create an actually good story.)
-Spring break starts today. Well, today is technically the last day before I get a whole week off. A week in which I watch the Hunger Games, go to the planetarium, write all day erry day, and get cool new books.
-I finally finished Petriculture. It was really good. REALLY good.
-I bought Minecraft. I'd been playing off of MinecraftForFree but it was down so I'm like, "Ehhhh I'll just buy it."

I think that's about it.
Obligatory gif of the day!

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