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  • 416 weeks
    Story now updating!


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  • 472 weeks
    Story on hold indefinately

    After ages of being away from FiMFiction and dealing with school and real life stuff, I'm back, and I forgot to tell everyone that my story will be halted until my friend Dark Shadow returns.
    I'm not as much of an avid brony anymore, so when I get the inspiriation I require to continue, I'll come back. Maybe Dark can convince me.

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  • 501 weeks
    Writers block D:

    Okay... I have writers block again. (That or I cant be bothered) I have 2 weeks soon though, and I need something to do! Unfortunately, all of mine and Dark Shadow (Another writer)'s drafts got lost when my laptop was destroyed. Therefore we need to rewrite our chapters.

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  • 509 weeks
    News on how long the story will now last.

    What I plan to do is as follows:
    Chapter 5, then Chapter 6, then the epilouge then that's it. We're nearing the end, how will the story pan out?
    Well you'll have to wait. School's restarting! I wont have free time on my hands as often as before. I'll work on it when I can e.g. 3 to 6 and 9 till 12.
    Thanks and prepare for the end of the story soon!!

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  • 511 weeks
    My current writer's block

    While I have Chapter 5 all planned out, I dont know where I'll go from there. Someone point me in the right direction? Or should I just end it after Chap 5?

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Greetings to all. · 11:26am Apr 12th, 2013

Finally, making a blog post. Finally, progress. Finally, getting off my butt and writing a story. Finally everything. I've sent a story into submit, and it should be reviewed soon enough. I'd say you'd all like it, Its multi-POV, It's based on an April Fools Day prank a friend of mine played on me, with the story revolving around that prank, and to top it all off, Scorcher's 2 best friends, one of which being the other main character, are based on my real life friends, *NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD.*.
Goodbye, and prepare for How high school ponies can look after a foal.

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