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Las Pegasus 2013 FANFIC writing contest finalists · 10:31pm Jan 20th, 2013

Announcing the finalists for our FANFIC writing contest.

The following finalists will have their fan fics on display at Las Pegasus Unicon.

Derpy’s Protector
by Slightly Serious

Days Gone By
by James Childers

Why Trixie Doesn’t Trust Wheels
by Maritol Shooy

Buffalo Tracks
by Stuart Bogle

CMC Canterlot Elite
by Drew Flashy

by Ryan Homme

Why We Fall
by Matt Neighbors (AKA OtterMat)

Abandoned But Not Unloved
by Cody Logue (AKA Storm Quil)

Smile Whether You Like it of Not
by Wesley Makse

The Cake Twin’s Surprise Party
by Karl Merris (AKA Cloud Wander)

The above finalists are not listed in any particular order and we will be looking to all of the attendees at Unicon this February to vote on the top 5. Top 5 will be announced at the convention just before the Auction on Sunday morning and prizes will be awarded then.


Additionally we would like to also announce and welcome the following two people to Unicon 2013

Mr. Mitch “M.A” Larsen, Mr. Larsen is a writer for MLP:FiM and will be joining us for panels and autographs on Friday, February 22, 2013

Mr. Andy Price, Mr. Price is one of the artists for the wonderful MLP;FiM comic book. He will be joining us for panels, autographs, and lots of pony fun all 3 days of the convention.

Keep an eye out on Press Releases as well, our web page for additional announcements that may just blow everyponies socks away in the next couple of days.

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