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The inevitable chaos. The eroding order. Better to join sooner than late. For that decides your fate.

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    Shadow's Embrace
    Once we are born, we come from the shadows into the light, much like a newborn star. However, as we grow, we become closer to the shadows, inching closer with every day that passes. Until, when we are old, we are brought back into the shadows embrace.

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  • 404 weeks
    Poem 1

    I once saw a fish on a dish.
    Not a plate, but one used for a radio rate.
    It flopped about, much like a lout.
    And later with glee, the dish it did flee.

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  • 404 weeks

    Do not trust me with commitment, I am flaky and still in the early stages of my life, being 13 and all, good night all.

    Also, I apologise to all who trusted me before, and I wish you the best of luck.

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  • 508 weeks
    Line #1

    War is a raging force, kept and expressed within us all.
    War can be guns and explosives, killing many.
    War can be battling of facts and logic, molding the future for many.
    War can be a fury of words and opinions, settling life for a few.
    or War can be love and hate, changing one.
    That One however can be the one to change us all.

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  • 508 weeks

    Why The Hell Does Nobody Comment!
    *cricket, cricket*

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Thoughts #3 · 4:33am Jan 20th, 2013

Joy. So positive yet destructive. Joy can be craved and addictive. People who has felt it's touch will crave and need it. They will do anything return to it's grasp. Then when joy can no longer reached in any way, shape or form besides release of life, there will be relief of life. Joy leads to no happiness.

Expect more thoughts

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