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  • 456 weeks
    Next Chapter

    I got the second chapter done, just need my editor to see it then I'll post it. Yay me!

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  • 456 weeks
    New Story

    Hey everyone my new story Halo Homecoming is out and able to be read by you all.

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  • 458 weeks

    Sorry about not updating any of my stories. I have been busy with school and all. I'll be trying my best to give at least a chapter or a new story out in the future. Again, sorry.

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  • 505 weeks

    New story. Goes through WW2 through the 101st Airborne Division. Nuf said

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  • 507 weeks
    New Story

    Hey yall its me with a new story. This time it explores an Equestria with technology from our universe and war that was thought to be nonexistent in that land. As the war progressed the ponies have only 3 cities left under their control after the griffins conquered every other city. So far I think its a great story on my part considering I stayed up all night to write this. Since this is my

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My First FanFic · 5:26am Mar 1st, 2012

Hey its me again, just telling you that I finally uploaded my first chapter of my story " Fall of the Mane 6". In my opinion its pretty good but its really up to you readers online to judge me on how I compose my stories.I showed a rough draft to my friends at school and they thought it was really good. I just really hope that my story gets a good review and I can propel along with the story line to tell what happens to the team and how Fluttershy managed to become who see is when fighting the mysterious and very honorable Field Marshal. Oh well, I just have to continue on my work so I hope finish chapter 1.

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