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  • 396 weeks

    Well, If you can read, you can see what I'm talking about in the title,

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  • 407 weeks
    I came online again!

    Yup, after seeing some fan art I wanted to read the latest few chapters of Background pony, as I haven't been online in AGES! I might post some fanfics myself, but all my other ones probably I won't update... (Sorry...) Unless you want to take the roll and send me updates, IDK.. Yeah...

    Sorry about not being on.... Nobody probably will read this anyway...


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  • 411 weeks

    Hey guys,

    I haven't really been on FimFiction alot the past few weeks... That's because I kind of got more into drawing and because I'm kinda really busy with assignments. Sorry...

    If you want to go on a website where I'm actually active, go here:

    (cant do links cuz im on my phone at 5am in the morning)


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  • 417 weeks
    Competition #1

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't been on FimFiction for a while.
    But I'm holding a competition on my [url=julezrulez77.deviantart.com]devaintart.

    Yeah if you wanna join, its drawing, the rules are in my journal. You must have a deviantart to enter,



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  • 420 weeks
    y im not writing

    Well, its a fewbthings actually,

    First, school started again, so i will have alot of hw, and a massive assignment due in like 3 weeks

    Second, this is very common, its writers block. For any of my stories idk what to do. Probably for return if nightmare moon i will do chapter 1 AGAIN.
    4th crusader, i will get to writing
    Twilights swap im just starting the chapter.

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I AM BACK!! MWUHAHAHA · 11:13pm Jan 1st, 2013

Well, If you can read, you can see what I'm talking about in the title,
my new year's resolution is to write more (well one of them) so, I am abandoning all other stories and writing one amazing story!! (hopefully) So, keep an eye out for it, and my brother is crying about me not playing minecraft with him, so I have to play that now or we won't get mcdonald's when we go shopping. So, I'll write once I get back from shopping (grocery, not the fun-clothes shopping (yes, I am a female homo-sapians(IDK if I spelt that right XD))) and when my brother is at a party at 2 (for me) So, yeah. Imma be deleting my other failed stories.

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