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Bringer of Unfortunate News · 2:55am Dec 31st, 2012


I want to make this as quick as possible. And please, take this seriously. 'Cause it's very serious business.

The worst possible technological thing has happened: My laptop is officially useless. Yes. Where I write my stories, and where everything is saved. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to transfer my work to my other laptop in my household. Leaving me only with what I have on here, and deviantart. This is bad news, not only because now I have to buy a new laptop, but because that means I won't be updating as quick. Well, not like I update quickly anyway, but now it may take even longer periods of time. This, I'm sure of because, just about everyone uses the laptop that I'm using to write this blog, and with two little kids, and my older brother who constantly has to do stuff, I doubt I'll be squeezed in, and would have small periods of time too...oh, yeah I can't forget my Mom.

Another thing: I may not be online very often either. On here, deviantart, twitter, etc. Mainly for the same reason just mentioned. Honestly, I wanted to get Friendship Is Weird finished for the holidays, but now I don't think I'll be able to get it done. And if I do, I guarantee I won't have any thing new until next semester, which is end of January.

Had an emotional two days too, and it really impacted my spirit. A thing with me, is I walk when I'm upset. I went out in the snow, and walked for 3 hours straight. It's like that line from My Little Dashie: "When I'm sad, I walk." Reason I was upset was because my mom yelled at me for dropping a candle, which was glass, and I told her I was sorry continuously. She just burst out at me and told me to get my head out of the clouds, and bashed me for liking My Little Pony. Accused me of some other things that I believed weren't true, and basically tore me apart. The next day after that we had a huge fight and I ended up in the end, explaining to her why I love the show so much. She told me I should have told her before, understood, and in the end we "made up". I'm still royally upset about everything, but I don't want to have another fight, not now, not ever. It made my Christmas vacation, one of the worst vacations I've ever had. Period.

So with that said, I hope you all understand my reason for absence. I'll still be here, but you just won't see me uploading anything new until the beginning of February. I won't say I'm on a hiatus, 'cause I don't want to be on one. It's just for the reason I just explained. Again, I hope you all understand.

Yours Truly,


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Comments ( 6 )

We understand.
Take as long as you need and have a hug.
You sound like you can use it, so just hang in there, we all got your back.
If you ever want to talk just ask.

We are there for you battle brother. :rainbowdetermined2:

sorry to head that... :( this break hasnt exactly gone great for me either, i could have died during the first snowfall of the year (you know what happened.... ugh), someone came back to visit who i care about more than anything and theres sooo much emotional tension there considering ever since she left we have fought on facebook, and my mother constantly tries to bait me into admitting i like ponies so she can judge me further... i feel ya! (on the note of walking, i wish i could go walking sometime around here but strangely its been to cold for me, and thats saying a lot since i normally sleep with a window open every winter....) :twilightsmile:

664680 *sister, and thank you

665229 I'm sorry to hear that. But yes, walking is a really good way to relieve stress. It also gives you time to reflect, cool down, and think things through. Thanks.

664310 Thanks for the hug, and your concern. ^-^

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