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Sonic 3 news and a Theory. · 3:54am April 16th

Hey guys i hope your having a good day right now, i just heard some awesome news regarding Shadow's VA in Sonic 3, as well as a theory that not only ties into Project Shadow, but also Tom and his family bloodline, and how they possibly could be related in someway.

Alright, first things first, Shadow's VA has been officially announced, and it is none other, then Keanu Reeves. I think this is the best solution they could've gone with, while i definitely would've loved Hayden Christensen or Robert Pattinson or Adam Driver, i think Keanu will make such an awesome Shadow. I really think they should've announced Shadow's VA at CinemaCon that just happened this week, because Paramount had the most interesting announcements, from the live action TMNT R rated Last Ronin movie, to a 4th spongebob movie, and some other cool stuff that makes they're announcements more exiting then the rest. That was the perfect chance to announce Shadow's VA to be Keanu Reeves, and i don't know why they didn't do that, since it would make people far more hype for it.

I've also been looking around youtube and i have heard the interesting things regarding Sonic 3's teaser, it will involve Jim Carrey coming back as Eggman for the 3rd time in the Sonic movie's, this is also the first 3rd movie he's ever come back for. And it will involve him looking way more like the video game Eggman, with a fat suit to make him a big egg, followed by the bald head, glasses and awesome mustache. And the trailer had scenes that involved Shadow riding on his motorcycle from Shadow The Hedgehog, across rooftops towards Sonic who was riding on an Airplane in the sky, and the two jump off their platforms and charge at eachother under the moon, and they're blue and red lightning powers clash with eachother like it's an anime. This would be one of the coolest trailer's i've ever seen if it is actually true, i'm betting it will drop around May 1st just like the 1st Sonic movie was with the Ugly Sonic design, to really show how far, and amazing this series has gotten in just 4 years or so.

And now going into my theory relating to the 3rd Sonic movie, i had realized something important relating to the character Tom Wachowski, aka Donut Lord. In the scene where he's introduced with his wife and he gets a job acceptation, Maddie drops something that could've been foreshadowing this from the beginning, she says, and i quote.
" There's been a Wachowski protecting this town for more then 50 years"
That cannot be a coincidence! I didn't realize it at first, but after rewatching the first movie and all the stuff relating to Shadow, i suddenly realized.. holy crap are they setting up Tom's family to connect to Project Shadow?!
Take a look at this scene at exactly 2:08, it's where she drops the line.

This could mean for something VERY interesting regarding Tom and his possible relation to Shadow. i think this not only connects him to one of the darkest moments in Sonic's universe, but also could make him more interesting if he learned that his family was tied into Shadow's creation. Heck if anything, Tom's great grandfather may have either worked with Gerald Robotnik, and helped tie into certain things like Black Doom or the G.U.N possibly departing before reforming in Sonic 2, or it could be that his own great grandfather, could've worked for the government, and his great grandfather may have been the one that killed Maria! And since the secrets of Project Shadow may be somewhere around Green Hills, it could be why Tom's family has had someone protect it for 50 years at this point.

And it all goes back to Tom and Shadow for the 3rd movie, i think that in this movie, Tom will be very involved in it, more so then the previous two, because he may not have known about the horrific things his family was involved in, and was ashamed to know what happened. And he could either try to get through to Shadow and convince him Maria wanted the people of Earth to be happy, this is just in case Amy doesn't show up or is busy with helping Sonic and the crew if she is in it. Or something interesting could happen to Tom instead, like he could transported off world after the incident with the Colony Ark, like he had no choice but to be thrown into a Ring Portal by Shadow in order to be saved in case they failed. And it may set up a Shadow spinoff show where he not only sets out to find Tom on whatever world he was sent too, but it could also help them recognize and put what happened with his family and Shadow's creation behind them, and that's if he doesn't get Amnesia like in the games. I honestly think Tom should be a bit more involved with the alien stuff relating to Sonic, or even Longclaw, it would make him feel like he isn't just there and is pretty important both as a character, and to the movie universe as a whole.

But this is just my theory, but with the foreshadowing that was implied in the first movie, and all the hints that were brought up in the movies, it could very much be true. But what do you think? How do you feel that Keanu Reeves is actually confirmed to be Shadow and how hype are you to know it? I am very excited to see what happens with the 3rd Sonic movie and beyond, because they already confirmed he's getting his own Cinematic Universe with the movie's success and tons of plans for the future, just hope he can beat Moana 2 or Mufasa when it releases in December, i think we're all tired of live action Disney remake movies at this point, and just want them to stop, so let's hope he does great with Moana 2 at least. I hope you found this theory interesting and not too ridiculous and have a great day guys!

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