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Thank you MatPat · 8:46pm March 9th

Hey guys i hope your having a fine day today. I have important news that you all may know, but i'd like to share my thoughts on this too.

As of today, legendary Youtuber Mathew Patrick, aka Matpat, the Game/ Film/ Style/ Food theorist, is officially retired from Youtube. After over 10 years of enjoying his fun theories, seeing him bond with other people like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, even FNAF creator himself Scott Cawthon, he is finally stepping down as head of his 4 channels, and passing them onto the people he knows and trusts can handle them, handling 4 channels is insane, and the amazing stuff he did with them is something i won't ever forget.

Matpat is a special person for me, i'm sure he is for a lot of us. He was one of the best theorists out there for the last decade, making amazing theory's that while ridiculous at times, always was fun to listen to and laugh with his jokes. I was really inspired by Matpat, the way he improved with writing his theories over time, being able to handle over 4 channels and produce so many great videos over the years, it's something special. He's one of the reasons i was inspired to start writing stories like these, as i wanted to not just share good stories with all those who view them, but to have fun with my time like he always did.

Him retiring is very sad yes, but he is going out to live his life to the fullest, to enjoy spending time with his family and have fun and do what he thinks is his life. While i am really sad that he's gone now, at least he's out there living his life the best he can, spending time with his friends, family, and just being who he wants to, maybe one day he'll come back, but that's like he always says.. it's just a theory. Thank you MatPat for the incredible times you've given all of us, love or hate his videos, you can't deny how much he impacted People's lives for the better, and i will always love him for it, it's been a great ride, and i hope his channels can thrive even without him there, thank you MatPat, you are a true legend.

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Let's say this one last time: but hey that's just a theory a style/food/film/.....GAAMMMEE THEORY

Thank you matpat...

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