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Entry 1 Judgement day · 4:57pm Dec 21st, 2012

Entry 1: date 12/21/2012 Judgement Day

The final day has come and it has taken effect. The world is dark now and i cant see anything with out the glow of my computer monitor ......... hang on. *opens curtains* Much better. The world is abnormally quiet like everyone has disappeared ...... hang on .... *opens window and hears bratty child who screams like a banshee* .... scratch the quiet part. Its cold today luckily the end didn't take away any clothing from the world so warmth wont be an issue however food will be ...... be right back *goes to fridge* ..... why am I even writing this?

Oh that's right because some moron who wanted 15 minutes of fame decided to lead the some of the world into a panic saying the world would end. For those who didn't believe in those I will high five or shake your hand when we meet in person. To those who did believe it ....... seriously? Look at all the other 'end of the world' scenarios that failed along the way. Stop being brainless and think for yourself don't let others think for you. We as the human race are not supposed to know our end in any way, shape, or form. The only time we will know is when it happens.

Have a wonderful day everyone, stay awesome.

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