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  • 507 weeks
    I'm coming back (with some bad news too)

    The Good News
    To those of you who have followed me, and are reading this blog post, then I would like for you to know that I am still alive and I intend to start writing again. I have achieved several important life goals, including completing my bachelors degree.

    The Bad News

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  • 560 weeks
    Those semi-steampunk space shoes

    For anyone who receives or read my blog...

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  • 568 weeks
    Will be stepping back into these space shoes very soon

    Had some major delays, mostly related to life. I've determined that guitar is my instrument, so there goes fifteen to thirty minutes of my day right there. (As well as a good part of my money, as I have Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.)

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  • 579 weeks
    Stargazing (Pt. 1)

    So tonight I felt like stargazing. Astronomy had always been something of an interest of mine, but I've just begun to be mature enough for actual backyard astronomy instead of sitting in a chair, staring at a screen and oohing and awing at how beautiful the universe is with color enhanced images from Hubble.

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  • 579 weeks
    Status Report

    Here's how I'm seeing my current stories, for those that are interested:

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That akward moment when... · 9:59am Dec 18th, 2012

...you realize you've spent over a year writing stories about pastel colored ponies from a cartoon meant for Anglophone North American girls.

Anyway, off school for a while. New chapter sometimes next week, hopefully I can get the first story done at some point next year.

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