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Well, after a very, very long hiatus, I am again attempting to actively write for my fanfiction, The Trotting Dead: HH&HH (too lazy to type that). As I intend to add very long chapters beyond this point, any updates will be slow. So, in response to that, and since input is always nice, have a link: The Trotting Dead: Hellacious Happenings and Horrific Horrors This link is to my Google Docs file for the story. There the story has all the formatting that fimfiction.net will not allow, such as font changes and such, and again, comments directly onto items is nice. So, be sure to let me know what can be touched upon! Even past chapter(s) (yes, only one past chapter, leave me alone) are fair game for criticism. Well, let's see how this pans out, neigh?

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