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Death of a Story. · 7:27am Jan 4th, 2018

As the title says, it's quite ominous right? Surely right now you may not or may be hoping my story died a long time ago, well It hasn't I've been continuously writing for a month now and hope to offer something decent for 2018 this year. I want to start writing again and get back into it much like my friend SolidPoison, this year I hope to better myself this time and not let myself get so distant from my roots. Never again... So expect a new chapter upcoming within the month following this

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Short update. · 2:21am Nov 29th, 2015

firstly I'd like to say happy late thanksgiving if you celebrate that! Onto the second issue I'd like to cover in my rather groggy state; For the past 4 weeks I've been working to earn money to get new PC parts for my drawing, modeling, and of course gaming. I would like to take a few minutes and let the readers who have read and reread my work and explain the circumstances I'm under and hope you understand and expect some good things.

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Status on new chapters. · 6:07am Sep 13th, 2015

With a new school year, editing, and art commissions; it's easy to say that I've been really bogged down with a ton of work... So where do I stand on the 13th chapter- or any other chapters of ANB; Well I've almost completely edited 13 and I'm doing a lot of touch up's since this chapter has a lot of different concepts to it that make it quite difficult to make sure they are correct... (that and I do not want to make a total moron of myself...) Rest assured, I will get this up sometime within

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Lack of Chapters this week. · 2:18am Jul 22nd, 2015

Well as the title says I won't likely make my usually one week post these past few days have been rough for myself and my sister, to call it bad would be a enormous understatement of the events that transpired this week. For the time being I wanted to post this as a way to let my readers know why and not be disappointed.

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So... I did this today... · 5:37am Jun 23rd, 2015

Yep my own personal sabers 4 blades, I got bored while writing the 9th and I spent only an hour and 14 mins making these. They can interconnect and be used as a solid twin blade but for those tough moments can break into 2 sabers that can be used a human with just two hands. A rather "Unique" design.

Modeled in 3Ds Max 2012

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Chapter 5 · 11:49pm May 10th, 2015

Well the interlude is going along quite well...I had some writers block with it but I should have something in the 4000 words area and uploaded later tonight hopefully. Just as soon as I get the go-ahead from my editor than I can go for it.
Have a good one guys!

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Chapter 3 · 12:36am Apr 20th, 2015

Well I said id release 3 today but it will be slightly delayed to the end of today. if im lucky. sorry some things came up and you know what they say, shit happens. Anyways its almost done. :rainbowdetermined2:

I should also mention that I suck at typing on this phone... )_)

Have a good day guys. /)

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New story goin up! · 11:12pm Feb 24th, 2015

Prepare for it to come out some time later today! This time for real. :D

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A New Beginning. Important for followers please read! · 7:28am Jan 14th, 2014

Ill be removing this original story I wrote I've been revising it and I will be resubmitting soon so please be patient. I hope you look forward to this, ill see ya there!

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New Oc "Arlazza" · 3:37am Sep 3rd, 2013

by far one of my best works and im proud to be her creator. /) have a good one guys and enjoy the pic.


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