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Malefactor Red

The Malefactor Sector Red!

Red as lava, filled with gore and drama...


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I like the way you write but personaly I am not into gore when it comes to mlp.

thank you I almost gave up hope:pinkiehappy:

Asking any fiction here to be totally original is completely unrealistic. I must say that I admire your raw style of writing; but beyond that, I also admire your fighting spirit toward the ignoble masses. One day, persecuted legions of writers that refuse to adhere to poor conformities will rise up and conquer, much like the American Indians shall - but only when the time is right. Remember, people will always want to throw a banana peel in front of you - they don't want to see you ball, they want to see you crawl...

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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