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I'm a brony that's been in the fandom for a while, but mostly watch Equestria Girls. Other interests include Yu-Gi-Oh!, Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Important Update · 12:59am May 29th

This update involves the entirety of the Power of the SOUL Series, including the Fallout: Equestria prequels. Due to... certain events in my life, I have removed Sekemoto from the Power of the SOUL Series, and she has been replaced with Shadow Facade, a Changeling Infiltrator who has much less control of his disguises than most Changelings, as well as having a different colored mane and tail, and a secret that could doom the Hive if let out. More backstory will be in another Blog later, as I

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Lesson #1 of Fimfiction · 5:05am March 30th

If you search for a ship, and the first results are the 'Crackshipping and You' series, the ship is either non-existent or not valid.


Character Profile: Emerald Breeze · 2:23am March 30th

Here's a description of Emerald's character, so yeah. (Note: This is during the time between the end of "Mhssvba: Lxblzayph - Ubjslhy ZVBSz" and "Equestria Girls: Power of the SOUL") (Note 2: Spoilers are both censored and encoded in a code, with the hint to the code being "Kite Tenjo (Arc-V)")

Name: Emerald Breeze "The Dual-Traited Arbiter"

Age: 15.5 (Physical), 215.5 (Mental)

Height: 3'9" (Unicorn)/5'1" (Human)

Weight: 200 lbs

Gender: Female

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Announcement 3: Return of the Hiatus · 12:48am February 3rd

I'm sorry to say this, but Power of the SOUL is going back on hiatus for a while, as my friend and I are working on three stories to flesh out the backstories of Emerald Breeze and Speda Hooves.


Announcement 2: Electric Boogaloo · 6:05am January 10th

Hello, Emerald Breeze here! I am making this to explain that, while Chapter 1 is uploaded, it will still take some time to make new chapters due to having to balance more aspects of my life other than my story. However, I shouldn't need to go on another hiatus anytime soon. If that does occur, I'll make another blog post to inform y'all!
- Emerald Breeze, signing off


Announcement · 12:32am Sep 20th, 2020

Hello! Equestria Girls: Power of the SOUL is currently on hiatus until I get all the characters and their roles finalized, as well as a rough idea of how the first few arcs are going to take place (among other things) . Please be patient, and I will have everything ready to upload Chapter 1 soon.

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Important Notice · 4:14am Jul 28th, 2020

As of right now, I am completely removing Pokemon and Digimon from my stories, as it is hard for me to work them into the fight scenes that I have planned. This means that, in the Human World, every character has limited SOUL Magic abilities, which are often based around their personality and/or Cutie Mark. Every character is also able to summon a SOUL Weapon, which varies from character to character. The Mane characters (which will be expanded upon later in the story), however, have SOUL Magic

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