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Trans lesbian vampire DJ. Explosions are inevitable.


Well . . . · 8:44am Apr 19th, 2020

Well . . . it's been real.

I'm leaving in two months.
Not this site, or this fandom. Just the West Coast. My wife and I are enjoying adulthood by running away like lovesick teens in a bad romance novel. We're packing up, and moving at least halfway across the country.

Now, I just need to find a state that will let a trans girl and her wife legally get married . . . This is gonna be a long night.

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I have a question · 8:36am Nov 26th, 2019

Hypothetically . . . how should one go about determining if there's a cult after them, without asking anyone that could give a definite answer (as in, not confronting the potential cult members)?

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Hi! · 8:34am May 28th, 2019

Hi there!
A bit about me:
I'm Octavia! Besides writing, I also like drawing and making music. When I'm not reading, making stuff, or working, I like to longboard and go on adventures.
I'm friendly, socially antisocial, sometimes outgoing, and usually snarky, sarcastic, and generally not very serious.

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