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Seeking Redemption Sequel · 1:07pm March 5th

I have been absent for awhile with the release of the first chapter finally out I decided to do a what is going on kinda chapter.

The second chapter will be out soon IDK stuff has been getting in the way of my MARVELous ideas(forgive me). I have some ideas going so I am going to release the next chapter soon. So

Sooooooooooo....yup seeya??? I guess?


Seeking Redemption Sequel · 3:39pm February 23rd

Okay I have been absent for awhile but it’s for good reason. I have been brain storming for the sequel of seeking Redemption. And have under gone multiple writers block, deciding something should be there. Multiple title names, and some other stuff, but I am happy to report that a sequel to seeking redemption is going to happen when it will happen? I am yet to know for sure.

But I will be sure to tell you when it’s coming. Hopefully.

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Update 1- SR · 3:31pm Dec 13th, 2020

SR(Seeking redemption) is still being worked on and you can expect a chapter to be released this week. This chapter has been a pain in my Ars to make. So until then Seeya

P.S. still working on that catch phrase

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Story Updates · 7:28pm Dec 8th, 2020

First blog I know I'm a little shit. That little part is true though. Anyway, I have some news about my one of my stories that seems to get somewhat of a positive feed back. With my overwhelmingly high success with "Only The Beginning" and "Seeking Redemption" i am going to continue with Seeking Redemption and try to focus on that and make it the best it can be which means longer periods where nothing will happen. Planning these chapters is harder then you think.

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