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And I’m glad to be aboard! Thanks for inviting me! :twilightsmile:

Well, if you don’t like rock or metal, I’m guessing you might like either acoustic or electronic music. For electronic music, one of the ones still somewhat active is JoinedTheHerd, and another one is Faulty. One of relatively less well known old ones is Aftermath. For acoustic music, JoafTheLoaf was one of the best ones a few years back, and so is Matthew Mosier. Also with regards to orchestral music, one of the big ones currently active is Jyc Row. Also, on the off chance that you haven’t heard of him, one of the really big musicians back in the old days of the fandom is Black Gryph0n. He still makes music, but it’s not usually pony-related anymore, but if you haven’t heard his old music, you definitely should! I’m not really sure how I would categorize him, though. Pop, maybe? Or possibly electronic, I’m not really sure. There’s also an orchestral and electronic musician called Aurelleah. Also, one of the popular ones back then, Aviators, is pretty much one of my favorites, and he’s still really good now that he does original music and video game related songs. I can think of more if you’d like, especially if I didn’t mention enough for any particular genre. Oh, and one of the best electronic musicians from back then is called H8 Seed. And there’s also a really unique one called Replacer that’s been active off and on for years, he’s really different from the others, kind of alternative electronic or something like that. So, let me know if you want to hear more like those ones (or completely different from them; there are lots of artists, obviously). :twilightsmile:

Well, neither rock nor metal are really my favourite genres, but thank you anyway :twilightsheepish: And if I'm not bothering you, I'd like to hear about some of the less known creators :pinkiesmile:

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