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Midnight Starfall

The Unicorn with no name, the profile with no face, the online personality that nobodies heard of, Midnight Starfall


How do I have followers? · 3:43pm March 2nd

I don't even really post stories here, yet I keep getting followers.

I'm not complaining.

Keep that number coming.

It gives me warm fuzzies or something.

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Your Degeneracy Shall Stay Your Feet...Or Hooves... · 2:04am Aug 19th, 2018

Nothing to more aptly describe a profile like this eh?

A bunch of unfinished stories, none of which I'm personally happy with, but hey I know I'm not the only one to be in this spot, so I'm not asking for pity.

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Why am I writing this? I'm too tired · 7:51am Jul 10th, 2018


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A new day, a new slice of toast. · 10:59pm Jul 9th, 2018

I didn't have any toast this morning, but hey why not right?

So, more writing while tired, probably not a good idea, should probably reserve writing for when I'm fresh.

Maybe also write in multiple sessions instead of pushing out chapters in one sitting...but hey, I'm a rebel.

Anyway, enough complaining, have you seen how much I complain already? My gawd.


Another blog post by an idiot · 9:27pm Jul 8th, 2018

This is working yes?

Good, anyways so Hi, how are you all, I'm great, that's great thanks, hows the cat?

Please, please don't watch that in the other tab while you're reading this oh god you're making this awkward now!


I have no idea what I'm doing...which is fine. · 11:34pm Jul 4th, 2018

Hi, yes...hello...if you're reading this then I've got to be doing something right...if you're not then...that's a paradox, in that case please ignore.

So, I'm new here, mostly new to writing (Blame lack of practise and "okay" education)

Okay, so having said that...tips and hints would be helpful.

Y'know, writing tips as well as how to operate the finer details of the site...I'm not looking to be the best...just somewhere in the middle...I guess.

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