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Sup, I'm a 19 year old geek and a virgin Filipino guy irl... Luna Is Best Pony...... *chuckles* A college student studying psychology, and thinks his a modern hippie.


Introduction & Some stuff needed to be cleared · 7:30am Jun 15th, 2018

Hey! It's me, THEGRAYJEDIWHOWASAGEEK, now I swear you guys, this is really me, I just taught of restarting all over again with a new account. And I am fully aware that some of the things I'm writing now would come off as redundancy *sigh*. Welp!!! I am still going to finish "Don't mess with his loyal subjects" just.... Uhh... I am real sorry if it was deleted, I promise I'll make it up, I really want to do this, the changing of stuff, I'll redo it all, and as an added bonus, I'm gonna try to

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