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I became a Brony in the summer of 2017, and I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs, science and friendship.

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  • Wednesday
    Paleo Profile: Alamosaurus

    Name Meaning: Ojo Alamo Lizard
    Length: 98 feet
    Height: 52 feet
    Weight: 70 tons
    Diet: Leaves from trees
    When: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
    Location: Southern North America

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    1 comments · 15 views
  • Wednesday
    Paleo Profile: Quetzalcoatlus

    Name Meaning: Allusion to the serpent god Quetzalcoatl
    Height: 18 feet
    Wingspan: 30 feet
    Weight: 550 Ib
    Diet: Large inland fish and other small animals including dinosaurs
    When: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
    Location: North America

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    0 comments · 8 views
  • Wednesday
    Paleo Profile: Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Name Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King
    Length: 40 feet
    Height: 15 feet
    Weight: 7 tons
    Diet: Large and sometimes armored dinosaurs
    When: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
    Location: The United States and southern Canada

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    1 comments · 9 views
  • Wednesday
    Paleo Profile: Triceratops

    Name Meaning: Three-Horned Face
    Length: 30 feet
    Height: 7 feet
    Weight: 9 tons
    Diet: Plants
    When: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
    Location: Western North America

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    0 comments · 10 views
  • Wednesday
    Paleo Profile: Thescelosaurus

    Name Meaning: Wondrous Lizard
    Length: 10 feet
    Height: 4 feet
    Weight: 198 Ib
    Diet: Plants
    When: Late Cretaceous, Maastritchian
    Location: Western North America

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About me

  • Full name: CLASSIFIED (I don’t have to tell you my real name because I don’t want to be bullied of being a secret Brony)
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: Puyallup, Washington State
  • Age: 18
  • Date of Birth: Nov. 9, 1999
  • Favorite Hobbie: Reading/Writing
  • Favorite Food: Pancakes
  • Favorite Place to Visit: At a Museum or Science Center
  • Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park or Jurassic World
  • Favorite Book: Non-fiction
  • Favorite Animal: Great White Shark
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Phobia: Bees and Wasps
  • Favorite TV Show: Mythbusters
  • Favorite type of music: Country
  • Likes: Dinosaurs, animals (alive or extinct), space, science, technology, harmony, goodness, friendship, family, video games, movies, God, Jesus, good sense of humor, fun facts, documentaries, reading, writing, country music, cool explosions, volcanoes, sharks, museums, national parks, good people, My little Pony, romance (heterosexual kind), adventure, action, excitement, great storytelling, drawing, being funny to make my friends laugh, movie monsters such as Godzilla, positive reviewers who talk about my story, proofreaders/editors,
  • Dislikes: Bees, wasps, killing animals, conspiracy theories, satanic rituals, racism, Satan, demons, aliens (only if they're evil), roller coasters, global warming, boring monster drama movies and tv shows (like Twilight), blood and gore (only if it depends on humans), low-budget movies and tv shows like The Asylum, bad sense of humor, cussing, mean people, act of certain sexuality (homosexuality and bisexuality), completely non-constructive criticism, bullies, people who didn't understand me as autistic or nice, gossiping, anti-science, atheism, disharmony, nightmares, jump scares, scary/disturbing/disgusting images, sexuality and nudity in movies and tv shows, my little pony villains (the formed ones is all that matters),

About MLP:

  • Favorite Episode: Magical Mystery Cure (I know most of you don’t like that episode, but I’m not mad at it)
  • Least Favorite Episode: To Where and Back Again
  • Personal Favorite Character: Twilight Sparkle
  • Second Favorite Character: Pinkie Pie
  • Favorite Princess: Princess Luna
  • Least Favorite Character: Queen Chrysalis
  • Favorite Non-pony Character: Spike (I just don’t have one, but I like Spike)
  • Least Favorite Non-pony Character: Diamond Dogs
  • Favorite Villain: Nightmare Moon
  • Favorite Creature: Timberwolf
  • Least Favorite Creature: Changeling

Top Ten of my Favorite Dinosaurs:

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Utahraptor
  3. Allosaurus
  4. Velociraptor
  5. Apatosaurus
  6. Stegosaurus
  7. Spinosaurus
  8. Triceratops
  9. Carnotaurus
  10. Ankylosaurus
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Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Monday

I'll get to the animals from another place or time soon. But I'm only using profiles on other animals from the Maastrichtian Era, not just the Hell Creek Formation which I start out with it.

I noticed your all Paleo Profiles are about the animals and dinosaurs from the Hell Creek Formation, fossil dig site for the last dinosaurs ever existed. Are you planning on Paleo Profiles from other time and place?

Amazed #100 · 1 week ago · · 2 ·


He need some milk

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Monday

Thanks for the favourite

Seriously, I didn't say mean things. Why would you hit dislikes in my comments? I didn't do anything wrong!

Thanks. And you know, I'm not good at art, but I'm good at paleontology.

2619216 Sorry I didn't want to insinuate something bad about you, it's just that I had some people wanting(not asking) art from me and present a list of details they want for art. I think you would have better luck with less experienced artiest to request who are still starting out, you might want to lower your expectations of the quality or art then what you are hoping for, the plus side of this is that they are eager to prove their skills and requests helps them to improve their skills if they have reachable goals and expectations to meet and repeat requests does help out a lot. Better yet, if you can partner up with an artist that would be great as you can mutually support each other in your works, in being honest and critical of each other works; That has helped me a lot to better home in my own art skills with doing cover art for different writers that I liked.

Good luck on your search.

No. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.

Okay, when you ask/requested art, did you just flat out told them what you wanted as a cover art all in the same PM/Notes?

You're welcome. I'll try to be polite to everyone.

Thanks for the watch and good luck on your story too.:twilightsmile: also you should try people on DeviantArt if you would like to request some art, just keep in mind you will have to go though a lot of people before you will get one to agree to do it, so don't give up.

PS. and be polite to them too, it's a collaboration you have to share input too..

Amazed #87 · 2 weeks ago · · 2 ·

Can't wait to read the finished version of the story you're writing! :twilightsmile:

Sorry. I revoked it because it was a disaster. It will be republished soon.

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