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Machine guns boom with loud voices as a fuel tank is set on fire. His wing rips off. Several negative Gs force him in the seat. A cold, hard slam into the earth, and all he can see is nothing. Will he survive?

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Abused, and unlovable. Would you accept this? After years of torment, our main character is free. But something tugs him from this freedom. Since he's been told he unlovable, he begins to believe it when ponies see him. He is at the breaking point. But maybe, no one is unlovable.

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A tank. An armored beast of destruction that destroys battlefields and only leaves death behind. It is WW2 1950, the Nazis had managed to successfully destroy 4 armies at the fortress of Berlin. The Germans, now moralized, slowly began to take Europe back into their possession. The British, with much better technology than before, advanced with regiments of the RTR. The Centurion Mk IX is a new machine of war, capable of destroying heavily armored targets in only a few blows. A team of four people, surprisingly very young, were fighting to the death. This is their story

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Cats, they are secretive little mammals that like to hide, run, and all around be annoying to the person they hate. Follow as this cat slowly unravels his secrets, like an explorer reading an ancient scroll.

Chapters (4)
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