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I haven't figured anything about myself other than I appear to be a crow. A journal and several pens packed into my satchel are all I have, and even then I question that. If I am a crow why do I have such fine manipulation? Why am I being chased by a hydra? Questions I'll just have to figure out myself, I suppose...

Part one of Rebooted Insanity. This story deals with amnesia, pecking eyes out, and plenty of other things that might make you cringe.

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Death. Such a simple yet complex concept. The debates of what being dead is like; the fear of it; and being the one of the souls whom is left behind to grieve.

I never had a life. I had an existence. And then it was gone, flitting into the wind. The gods of ancient realms have forgotten the name of the Reaper, the name of the one who is left for all eternity. To exist until the last soul is cut from its earthly binds and left free to traverse the Afterlife.

It is maddening.

Part of the Insanity series.

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A dark night in Manehattan. Six ponies on an outing. One fully loaded machine gun. And a reluctant assassin.

This is the story of that cold night, when the stallion Painted Rock killed the six most important ponies in Equestria. And the story of why he did it.

Cover image found on google images. (I am a very lazy human being.)
First story of a new idea.

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